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If the noise level is above, it will be displayed in yellow.

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If the noise level is recognised as an aircraft noise event, the measuring point will turn orange red. If a measuring station is temporarily out of service or no measurements delivered for technical reasons, the station will be displayed turquoise without any values. Furthermore, the measuring point will turn turn red if a noise level of 90 dB A is exceeded. This occurs for example when the calibration is checked.

If a measuring station is coloured grey , a downtime is indicated. This can be caused by weather conditions e.

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The downtime of the measuring station will not be taken into account for the continuous noise level calculation or any other reports. By clicking on the measuring station, detailed information will be displayed at the right side of your browser window, such as name of the measuring station, height above sea level, actual noise level, etc. Landing and departing aircraft can be recognised by their flight track in the system. They show the flight path for the last 70 seconds. The red coloured flight tracks indicate the path of landing aircraft and the blue tracks that of departing aircraft. The system time is local time CET resp.

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In the header area you see information about the weather situation at the time you have chosen. Move the mouse cursor over this area to open additional weather data! This includes date and time, temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed and direction are displayed. Weather information is updated every 30 minutes. Clicking on a particular aircraft or monitoring station will display any relevant detailed information.

The appropriate information will be shown on the right side of the screen.

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You can mark your own position using the home symbol - just drag the little house icon with the mouse from the header area to the map and move it to your own position. Afterwards you can open the distance graphics for selected flights in the data panel on the right side of your browser window. Additionally you can open a context menu by clicking the right mouse button over the home symbol - in this menu you can open a window with information about the marked position and remove the home marker.

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For technical reasons there may be a few flights with incorrect track display. This can happen especially for smaller airplanes. You can gain information about acoustic measuring values and configuration data with relevant traffic data for every measuring station. The statistics module presents information about numbers and levels of noise events caused by aircraft flights in diagrams and tables. The values can be related to the number of flights, runway usage, type mix and route usage. You can start the statistics module with the button under the data of the selected measuring station.

Under "View options" open with button in the header area you can customise your view of aircraft movements and flight data. The flight tracks can be switched on and off by using the button "Show flight tracks", the noise monitoring terminals can be switched on and off by using the button "Show NMTs".

Information referring to every aircraft movement can be switched on and off by using the button "Show data flags for all flights". Detailed information can be displayed by using the button "Show big data flags". You can also use your keyboard to change the map view. Almost all modern internet browsers include a full page mode, which shows the content of the browser window without the menubar and other toolbars maximized to the full screen.

Press the F11 key to start and end this mode. You can measure distances on the map by right-clicking two or more positions on the map.

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The result of the measurement will be shown in a small information area in the bottom left corner of your browser window. Left-click on the map to stop the measurement. New complaint. Would you like to register a complaint for a specific flight or a general complaint? Report a specific flight. Load matching flights. Adjust the current system time with the slider above and then select the flight you want to complain about on the map or in the flight table! Selected flight:. Type of disturbance:. Too loud Too low Off-Track Night flight. Answer type. No answer Answer by email Answer by phone Answer by letter.

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General complaint. General noise Night flights Early morning noise Ground based noise Other. But Kylie shot those rumors down real quick. Is Tyga trolling Travis or are the shoes just a coincidence? Let us know your thoughts! We have recently relaunched TheShadeRoom.

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