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These popular rags-to-riches stories exemplified the American dream the belief that any individual, no matter how poor, can achieve success through honesty and hard work. For many immigrant Americans, this dream became reality. Moat of them, particularly those who came to the United States during the 19th century, were peasants or laborers in their native lands. Until a generation or two, nearly all these immigrant families rose on the social and economic scales. She great American novelist and humorist Mark Twain pointed out the difference between, the more conservative European and the more experimental American temperament.

In the mid 19th century, this spirit led American settlers to make the long, difficult, and dangerous journey westward in search, of gold or free land.

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The desire to start a new life in a new place is still noticeable throughout the nation. About 40 million Americans, change residences every year. The average American moves about 14 times in his or her lifetime. Some moves are due to job changes. Out of sight is no longer out of mind. The pioneering spirit of Americans is evident in many other aspects of their lives.

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Mid-life career changes are quite common and reflect American adaptability as job opportunities change. Americans of all ages are quite willing to return to school to learn something new if that will lead to a better job. Americans also change marriage partners more often than most other people in the world. Americans love science and technology because these fields of study bring the excitement of new discoveries. The United States has embraced the new age of communication with great enthusiasts. From preschoolers to senior citizens, Americans are learning to use computers —at school, at work, and at home.

Robots, lasers, and other creations of modern technology fascinate them. This love of change is closely tied to faith in improvement. Americans have always been optimistic people, believing in the perfectibility of people, the basic goodness of their country, and the ability of American ingenuity to improve the quality of human life. Americans now realize that it is not only possible for living conditions to deteriorate; it is even possible for the inventions of modern science and industry to destroy life on earth totally.

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Reading comprehension check. Write the letter of the best answer according to the information in the chapter. Study the following list of geographic names. Great Britain is a monarchy.

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Find out from your partner: what is the role of the monarch in a highly developed modern country? Say if you agree or. Find out the following. Read an extract from a diary and list the areas which provoke culture shock in Russia.

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Strike off one inappropriate word in each tine. Translate those used in the text. Make sure you know the weaning and the pronunciation of the rest words. New York: Free Press, p. Nomokonov, V. Some optimization problems anti-crime policy. Criminological Journal, 3 12 , 36— Parsons, T. The Social System. New York: The Free Press, p. Natalya I. Zyryanova, Vladimir A. Fedorov, Ekaterina V.

Zaitseva, Inna S. The relevance of the researched problem is caused by the need of providing the educational organizations of the system of professional education with specialists in projecting and implementation of educational programs of training of workers and specialists of a middle link, and formation of a personnel resource for innovative productions. The purpose of the presented article consists in consideration of the discrepancies arising while introduction of the professional standard "Teacher of Vocational Training, Vocational Education and Further Vocational Education" and changes revelation of a pedagogical personnel which are necessary for improvement of preparation quality.

The leading approach to the research of this problem is the system-based approach which allows us to reveal the discrepancies arising by the comparison of the professional standard and educational programs that are developed taking into account requirements of the educational standard for the direction of preparation Vocational Training branch-wise. According to the analysis results, the option of adjustment of educational programs for the direction of preparation Vocational Training branch-wise is offered; it promotes improvement of preparation quality of pedagogical personnel for the system of professional education and further vocational education, and also the corporate educational organizations and innovative productions.

The materials of the publication can be useful to heads of educational organizations while forming the personnel potential in educational institutions. Keywords: Educational standard, professional standard, professional and pedagogical employees, teacher of vocational professional training. Afanasiev, V. Systematicity and society. Moscow: Politizdat, p. Bespalko, V. About Opportunities of the System Approach in Pedagogics. Soviet Pedagogics , 7, 59— Dudina, M. Erganova, N.

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Moscow: Pedagogika-Press, p. Tkachenko, E. Professional Education in Russia: Development Problems. Verbitskaya, N.

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