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Been working on the next series. Lots of comments about the new series! Drum roll It will start off with Captain Argyle from The Clearbrooks.

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Hello everyone, here's an update on my new series! It will be a spinoff of The Clearbrooks, my Regency series! Wondering if anybody has a thought to what my new series will be? Looking at this Spring! Working on new series! Have been busy! So if you want to start a countdown, start with 7!!!!

However, it could be sooner!

The Convenient Bride: The Clearbrooks, Book 3 (Unabridged)

Thought I would give you some quotes getting you ready for The Duke's Bride When Jane and Roderick first met, do you remember this from Book 1? The handsome duke inclined his dark head, grinned, and took her hand, bringing it to within an inch of his lips.

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Colorado Clearfields -WOW! Absolutely love this family! Tanner, Rafe It is hard to chose between the too gorgeous head strong brothers but I am a sucker for cowboys!! By Gail Faulkner. By definition, romantica is a hybrid of Erotica and Romance, ideally a combination of the best the two genres have to offer.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Every-Day Book and Table Book, Vol. III, by William Hone.

Playfully taking up the definition, Gail Faulkner's Full Ride is both sultry and romantic. When nervous Prin, naked under a trenchcoat as agreed upon, enter Let it Be Love. By Victoria Alexander. Oh, I find I can easily sink myself into Time Travel, Alternate Reality, or the fantasy of an overbearing Medieval captor evolving into a considerate hero once he has discovered his one t The Courtesan. By Julia Justiss. It's been a couple of years since Julia Justiss has had a new release, and reading The Courtesan reminded me why she's on my auto-buy list. Justiss writes emotionally intense characters who have real conflicts and obstacles to overcome.

Since the death of her protector, Lord Bellingham, several m Surrender To a Wicked Spy. By Celeste Bradley.

A Regency Romance

Okay, I knew that by reading Surrender to a Wicked Spy I was obviously subjecting myself to yet another spy story, a premise I usually find tedious at best. Widower and millionaire Tanner Clearbrook is livid when his matchmaking father secretly hires beautiful Hannah Elliot as tutor to his young son.

However, the couple want nothing to Almost Daybreak Colorado Clearbrooks Book 3. A sweet contemporary Romance series by award-winning author. Rancher Max Clearbrook is the wildest Clearbrook brother.

Nothing riles him, nothing except a sweet city woman named Annie Nelson. After being dumped by her But being in her late teens and much younger To Marry A Marquess. The Marquess of Drakefield has vowed never to love again, but a deathbed promise to a friend, sends him hunting for a beautiful woman. Twenty-one-year-old Lady Victoria needs to save her family from debtor's prison and marry well, but Drakefield is the last person she needs investigating her past! Yet when a Once Upon A Diamond.

Throw together a stolen diamond sought by the Crown, a handsome earl dispatched on a secret mission, a beautiful young American pressured to marry, and a French spy bent on revenge, into the middle of Regency England, and the resulting chaos is found in this Regency Historical Romance.