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He uses a heuristics-based approach that provides an organized attack on very ill-structured engineering problems. Examining architecture as more than a set of diagrams and documents, but as a set of decisions that either drive a system to success or doom it to failure, the book provide methods for integrating business strategy with technical architectural decision making.

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“The Art of Systems Thinking”

Request an e-inspection copy. Share this Title. Related Titles. In many ways this is the essence of all human endeavors, whether they are technical, managerial, social or political, the so called known knowns and unknown unknowns. Parnas A system element is a discrete part of a system that can be implemented to fulfill specified requirements. A system element can be hardware, software, data, humans, processes e.

A risk has a probability of occurrence that is greater than zero but less than one, a consequence of occurrence greater than zero, and a time-frame in the future. NOTE The implementation of the process should provide tangible benefits to the stakeholders.

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The Art of Systems Thinking: Essential Skills for Creativity and Problem Solving

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