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So what I am really saying is reading night Speed requires a lot of attention. Chris Howard nailed this thing! I love it! I thought the story is going to the way I expected it but it went to another way without breaking the excitement I felt. Chris Howards gives constant great scenes. Sexist me much, I know. What happened to her in the story is mind blowing in a way. ARC provided by in exchange of honest review. Thank you! Mar 09, Karen rated it really liked it Shelves: ya , sci-fi.

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This review was done by KissinBlueKaren This was such a fun book with a really cool concept. Now that I have had some time to process this book, I can see there were some flaws. This was a very unique YA story. It is a story worthy of all the attention it is getting and more. The beginning of this story starts with seventeen year old Alana working with the TRU criminal department of justice.

Alana is a Runner. Her job is to get on tetra and catch the bad guys. Tetra is a new drug that can only be used on kids under On tetra, a kid is fast and strong. So fast that they can outrun cars. A group of kids on tetra are now using it to rob banks in New York City, before they can be caught they disappear amid the crowds. This group is called The Breaknecks.

A lot of innocent people have been hurt by the kids on tetra. Alana has a special reason to try to catch breaknecks, one of the slammed into her little brother and now he is in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. When the breakneck Alana is chasing decided to end her own life, Alana becomes a criminal. Alana is such a great lead character.

She is so driven by what happened to her brother. She spends a lot of time being an outsider in this story. I think she was a really relateable character, even if her predicament is not. There was a love interest, but it was by no means the main subject in this story. The drug is the story. Alana starts off a really great role model for her brother. When things get bad for Alana, they get really bad. She goes from being part of law enforcement, to being a criminal on the run.

She goes to the only people who would take her in as a criminal, but she still has all these great intentions.

She never wavered in her need to seek justice. The drug itself is so well laid out for the reader. The drug almost makes a person invisible, but there are rules. Like most drugs, there are horrible side effects. The author highlighted each one, and even pointed out the withdrawal, without being preachy. I loved the idea of Tetra, even if it only lasts for 8 minutes. The people too old due to chemical changes in a body as it matures wish they were still using.

Along with making someone super fast, it also allows for a person to experience the fourth dimension.

Night Speed by Chris Howard

This sounds so fun, I almost wish it was a real thing although i am way past the using age, it sounds so cool! I have to admit that I had a few issues with this story. There was nothing major, so I am not going to even mention them here. It might have been me and that I am old, where are these kids parents? Even with the small issues I had I would still absolutely recommend this book. This story covers some very heavy subjects with ease.

I enjoyed the main theme of consequences and trying to do the right thing. There were quite a few twists in Night Speed. This is a great story about addiction that is unlike anything in YA today. I am so glad I got a chance to read this. If you like young adult science fiction, you need Night Speed in your life! Nov 14, TheLizWay rated it it was amazing. After a perilous journey to get the book by which I mean getting it from Edelweiss , I started to read it. Holy cow, there was a lot of And some of this And a whole lot of this And that was just the first chapter.

I cannot recommend this book enough. It was pure, YA literature goodness. I'd give it 10 out 5 stars! It was that good. My reaction after finishing the book Simply put - You must read this book!

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Jan 02, Janelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: ya , , arc. I knew I wanted to read Night Speed as soon as I finished reading the blurb. And as soon as I started reading I was sucked in and I felt like I was on terta as I was flying through the pages. There were twists in the story I didn't expect that had me gasping in surprise and eager to see where they would lead.

This book was amazing and I'm upset it's over. It's like I turned eighteen and my rushing days are over. If you love high speed action with a mystery and a tale of what addiction can do , then Night Speed is for you. Jan 26, Asma rated it really liked it Shelves: 4-star.

Which roughly translates into science fiction being confusing, thus making it boring. It was epic. It was marvelous. Tetra is a drug that gives teenagers a nine minute window of superhuman strength and speed and the way Chris Howard describes it was amazing. Especially when our main character was on the drug and enters the Fourth Dimension a pretty cool-sounding place. Alana West is a character that I loved and enjoyed reading.

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The best part about her? It felt like the author was simply trying to move the story along, like the scene was a plot device. Did I say I enjoyed this book far more than I thought I would? The ending was perfect, albeit sad. Which obviously means I loved it, because I love when an open ending is done right. And done right this was. Mar 18, Brittany Brittany's Book Rambles rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , badass-female-mc , action , realistic-fiction , best-of , releases , standalone.

Night Speed 's plot centers around Tetra—a drug that makes you super fast for nine minutes. It also makes you see the world in a new and colorful way—and that's exactly how I felt while reading this book.

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Night Speed got my adrenaline pumping to the point where my hands were shaking and it left me breathless. Experiencing all of the highs and lows of the main character made me feel so alive. Night Speed has cast me under its spell, and to call it is amazing is a total understatement. I couldn't contain the overflowing joy I felt when I was reading, it was an overwhelmingly thrilling adventure that I want everyone to experience, so do yourself a favor and go pre-order this awe-inspiring book!

Read my full review of Night Speed. Jul 29, Christina Ensconced in Lit rated it really liked it Shelves: won. Glad I got to finally read this book. Night Speed is basically like The Flash but sort of druggie style for teens where there is a subset of criminals that use it to steal money and then the team that uses it to chase them down and arrest them. Near the very end there are some nice twists.

What I liked: For the most part, I liked the main character, I was interested in the set up.