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In September , he resisted all their attempts to meet with him.

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The order was finally given, at the end of November, to arrest Captain Jack, Black Jim and Scarfaced Charley by the next morning, forcibly if necessary. Captain Jack and 50 of his warriors fought the troops while around women and children fled across the lake to the Lava Beds. The volcanic rock formations absorbed the lead as well as offered cover. Few Indians were killed or wounded, compared to casualties on the American side.

The fighting Modocs held out against superior numbers, including approximately reinforcements that arrived in January At the end of January, northern California was hit by blizzard. The snow immobilized supply trains as well as the advance of additional troops.

Captain Jack used the snowstorm as cover in sending a messenger to the military camp. He wanted to speak with John Fairchild, a rancher who was well liked and trusted by both settlers and Indians, about a settlement. Word was sent that Fairchild would visit when weather permitted. Captain Jack may have wanted peace but his advisors wanted land. They convinced him to continue with the war, holding out with the weather, which was working to their advantage in demoralizing the opposing troops.

Though Fairchild made several trips to and from the stronghold, no agreements were reached. Intermittent fighting continued until March when Captain Jack agreed to meet with the whites in council.

Shaman's Dream: The Modoc War

By this time Lost River had officially been rejected as a reservation site. Entering the negotiations with the assumption that a compromise was sought, Captain Jack suggested two other sites as possible reservations for the Modocs. General Canby promptly refused. Albert Britt summarized the negotiation in his book, Great Indian Chiefs : "The only peace offered them was the peace of submission.

Shaman's Dream: The Modoc War

As each location that the Modocs would accept was rejected by Canby, it became increasingly clear that the only reservation for them would be that they would share with the unfriendly Klamath. And that had no look of peace to the Modocs. At this point Captain Jack called a council among his own people in the Lava Beds. Schonchin John and Black Jim, two tribesmen who were wanted by the authorities for killing soldiers, challenged Jack's leadership. They insisted he prove his commitment to the Modoc cause by killing the white representatives.

Captain Jack was in a difficult position. For himself he wanted peace, an end to the fighting. As a leader of his people, however, he was obliged to meet their need for land of their own. Captain Jack spent the following two days alone in his cave, struggling with this decision. A mutual friend warned Winema Tobey Riddle that the negotiators would be murdered. When she, in turn, tried to warn Canby and the other representatives, they did not believe her. The council met again on April 11, Frank Riddle and his wife Winema served as interpreters. Captain Jack made a final plea for a reservation to be established for his people at Hot Creek in California.

Britt describes the next events: "[A]s though the enumeration of his grievances and his thought of the home that he knew now he was not to have had broken the last thread of his resistance to violence and kindled fresh hated of the whites, he shouted in Modoc, Utwih-kutt, [Let's do it,] and fired at Canby. Whether judged by their fellow Indians or a jury of white men, they had committed an unforgivable act by striking down unarmed men during negotiations.

Jack later stated that after killing Canby, he returned to the Lava Beds with the assumption that he would die in the fighting that followed. The Modoc representatives fled back to the Lava Beds and fighting began once more on April By May the Modoc resistance had begun to crumble.

Shaman's Path and Ancient Roads (Native Dreams)

Quarrels among the Indian leaders caused the group to fragment and surrender piecemeal. Hooker Jim even offered to turn Captain Jack over to the U. His trial began on July 5 at Fort Klamath. Steamboat Frank, Hooker Jim, and Bogus Charley—those who had convinced Captain Jack to kill the negotiators—were also present at the trial but not in custody. The four men were hung on October 3, Captain Jack was asked to name his successor, but he refused.

The entire Modoc band from Lost River was forced to witness the execution. Look Inside.

Marylu C. Mattson

View Large Image. Shaman's Dream: the Modoc War is a literary non-fiction account of the standoff between besieged Modoc Indians and the Unite In Stock with Supplier Shipping in days.

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Online Only. The book -- a kaleidosco Loss of life and the burning of the camp at Lost River was repaid by Modocs escaping to a stronghold in the lava beds, where they were besieged for months, and where they were persuaded the 'Ghost Dance' would save them. The standoff between the native Americans and the United States army eventually ended, but not until peace commissioners were wounded and murdered.

The Army trial of the accused ended with hangings and the exile of the tribe, subsequently to Oklahoma. President U. Grant's 'Peace Policy' whereby Christian ministers were employed to oversee the reservations died in the aftermath of these events. But most deeply wounded of all -- and more lastingly in this, some would say, inadvertently religious war -- were the shamans. When will my order arrive?

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