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Each story is centred around the concept of longing or loneliness, and all told with Murakami's unique and illuminating style. One for long-serving fans and newcomers alike. The titular story is a groundbreaking tale of one woman defying societal convention by leaving her husband to explore her sexuality that saw Chopin vilified in her time, but has since been embraced as a proto-feminist masterpiece.

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It is also a fantastically funny and ultimately heartbreaking read, as are the rest in this collection by a strangely underrated author so ahead of her time she was punished for it. Every bit as filthy, funny and provocative as the novel that proceeded it Trainspotting : you may have heard of it? This is one of Britain's best writers in his swaggering pomp, and the result is brilliantly addictive. From the author of the both excellent We Should All Be Feminists and Americanah, this short story collection dissects ties that bind family, lovers and friends.

In 'The American Embassy', a woman applies for asylum but leaves unable to describe her son's murder in exchange for visa and in 'Tomorrow Is Too Far' a woman unveils the awful secret of her brother's death. Unfashionable though it may be for a men's website to recommend Hemingway these days, 'Papa' was a master of the form and while this collection doesn't include his most famous short stories, The Nick Adam Stories do contain some of his finest nature writing, as well as functioning as a semi-autobiography of his early years growing up in Illinois.

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This is Hemingway at his least affected and therefore most joyful to read. This seminal collection with a now infamous title explores the ordinary lives of people in Middle America and the quiet activities that make up their days. Carver demonstrates his incredible ear for dialogue and gift at showing the devastation of heartache in very few words. Twice Booker Prize nominated writer Sarah Hall explores landscapes both rural and urban in this poetic collection which strays from the erotic to the haunting in looking at nature, humans and animals.

Her women are at most catalysts — sometimes, but certainly not always — of a tempting, grim and dangerous kind. In this connection I would like to cite the Swedish science fiction and mystery specialist John-Henri Holmberg. Swedish film critics have had a tendency to give Hawks credit for portraying strong women in his movies.

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Holmberg scolded the reviewers for not taking into consideration that it actually was a woman who had written the scripts for those movies. Besides books and film, the golden years of radio affected her. The American radio waves in the 's and 's vibrated with exciting dramas, entertaining mysteries and romantic soap operas. She turned to an "agency-cum-writing-course," where Henry Kuttner discerned her talents. Through him, she got into contact with other writers in Los Angeles. The year was She was 24 years old then and got her first short story, "Martian Quest," published in Astounding Science Fiction in February Between and , she wrote a series of short stories for magazines like Planet Stories, Startling Stories, and Super Science Fiction.

They were simple but promising stories foreshadowing things to come. And soon she penned perhaps the best of her existential short stories, "The Veil of Astellar," a significant and different contribution to the space opera genre. It was published in Thrilling Wonder Stories in the spring issue of It is a unique story, one of the most remarkable, tragic and well-written existential hero tales worth considering. At the same time as she churned out a stream of planetary romances, she also had begun penning a series of extraordinary hardboiled criminal stories for the mystery pulps. In she got her first full-length novel published.


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The dialogues of her short science fiction stories were not bad, but when it came to writing tough cues in the tradition of Hammett and Chandler, two hardboilers she admired, Brackett was ahead of most other writers. Leigh Brackett's period as a writer of short hardboiled detective stories was in itself as short as the stories. As far as I know, eight short stories between and for down-market pulps like New Detective and Thrilling Detective with a temporary relapse into the genre for Argosy in the late 's.

Unlike her planetary romances, her hardboiled stories were in every respect cast in the Chandler mould. She did not really add anything to the genre as such, but as Bill Pronzini puts it, referring to "No Good From a Corpse," she was so "Chandleresque in style and approach it might have been written by Chandler himself.

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It was in that Howard Hawks read "No Good From a Corpse" and entered the action, thus diverting her from short stories and novels to screenwriting. With Howard Hawks' intervention in her life, her career as a screenwriter made a quantum leap. But over the years she seems to have been underpaid as compared with Jules Furthman and other rather lazy but well established screenwriters.

She had written the line "Then it was gone, and the immediate menace of the foreground took all of Starke's attention. She had to make some kind of decision. The dilemma was solved.

Ray Bradbury was five years younger than Leigh Brackett. She was a kind of mentor and a sounding board for this aspiring writer. She turned to Bradbury and asked him to complete the story. He accepted the challenge. Where Brackett had stopped writing the story, Bradbury jumped into medias res and continued with the following sentence, "He saw the flock, herded by more of the golden hounds.

The rest is, if not exactly history, at least science fiction history, for this Brackett-Bradbury collaboration is famous among knowledgeable science fiction fans. View image of Prison can 'become part of you', one inmate said Credit: Getty Images. Released prisoners may be less capable of living a lawful life than they were prior to their imprisonment.

In terms of the Big Five personality traits, one could characterise this as a form of extreme low neuroticism or high emotional stability or flatness , combined with low extraversion and low agreeability — in other words, not an ideal personality shift for the return to the outside world. That is certainly the concern of Hulley and her colleagues.

At a time when prison numbers are rising throughout the world, BBC Future is exploring several misconceptions about criminals and crime.

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If some of our ideas about criminals are wrong, this has lasting implications, both during prison and when they re-enter society. If you are enjoying this story, take a look at the other pieces in our Criminal Myths series, including: Locked up and vulnerable: When prison makes things worse. The interview-based studies so far involved long-term prisoners incarcerated for many years. But an exploratory paper published in February used neuropsychological tests to show that even a short stay in prison had an impact on personality.

The researchers led by Jesse Meijers at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam tested 37 prisoners twice, three months apart.

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At the second test, they showed increased impulsivity and poorer attentional control. These kinds of cognitive changes could indicate that their conscientiousness — a trait associated with self-discipline, orderliness and ambition — has deteriorated. View image of Prison time can result in increased impulsiveness and poorer attentional control. The researchers think the changes they observed are likely due to the impoverished environment of the prison, including the lack of cognitive challenges and lost autonomy.

How prison changes people

However, other findings offer some glimmers of hope. View image of One group of Dutch prisoners showed improvements in their spatial planning abilities. These showed that prisoners engaged in normal or even heightened levels of cooperation. The findings have implications for debates about the reintegration of criminals into society, says.