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Organized Retail Crime Advisory Board

It causes prices to rise, which costs us all! Organized retail crime is the theft of consumer goods for the purpose of illegally selling the merchandise for cash. The goods are usually taken through systematic shoplifting, and then they are sold to the public through classified ads, online sales, flea markets or on the black market. This includes additional funding for the following: Technology — Questions retailers and management should be asking themselves include: Does the layout of the store lend itself to stock security are all areas visible to staff?

Organized Retail Crime and How to Stop the Loss | Digiop

Is staff training up to scratch? Are the right security tags being employed on the right products i.

Should the fitting room be better protected? Should some stock be stored behind the counter?

Are EAS tags the right strength? Thieves are becoming savvier, so the recommend minimum strength for magnetic tags is superlock as superlock tags cannot opened by old low-power magnetic detachers. You can learn more about tags and strengths here.

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  4. We are passionate and dedicated in assisting businesses with theft, fraud, and cybercrime consulting, education, prevention and awareness. We provide B2B solutions for theft, fraud and cybercrimes to many industry sectors. In the 21st century technology is being utilized to commit many varieties of theft, fraud and cybercrime. They, involve fraud, counterfeiting, and complex cybercrimes.