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Legend has it that a nightingale's affection for this beautiful flower was so strong that it wouldn't return to the woods until the flower bloomed in spring. It's said that a gift of sunflowers signifies a "devout admirer. With lush globes filled with a delicate lace of small petals, the hydrangea symbolizes both gratefulness and pride — celebrating heartfelt praise and appreciation. While the well-known legend carried over from Victorian times has it that maidens would pluck a daisy's petals one by one to predict their romantic future, daisies are also known to indicate innocence, purity and gentleness on behalf of both the giver and recipient, declaring: "You have as many virtues as this flower has petals.

Veils by Lily is a family apostolate whose mission is to reignite in our hearts the faith,

The calla — with its trumpet-shaped blooms and graceful, slender profile — is a symbol of transition and growth, reflecting the beauty and pride gained from shared wisdom over time. A symbol of trust and fidelity, freesia is an antidote to the proverbial saying that the seventh year of marriage provokes restlessness. Representing faithfulness through the seasons, it's a traditional reminder of love's honorable character. With their heart-shaped, deep green leaves and irresistibly fragrant blooms, lilacs have been treasured for generations.

Reminiscent of springtime and young love, they symbolize and recall love's first emotions.

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Resembling one of the most striking, exotic birds in the world, birds of paradise, with large orange and blue blossoms, symbolize magnificence and splendor — celebrating romance's unexpected side. In nature as in romance the daffodil reminds us of renewal and simple pleasures. Possessing a fresh, sweet fragrance, this joyful bloom symbolizes singular love and chivalry.

Symbolizing a declaration of love, legend has it that the tulip's velvety black center represents a lover's heart darkened by the heat of passion. Believed by many to be the most romantic of flowers, tulips also represent elegance and grace.

In full bloom, the lush peony embodies romance and prosperity. Known as the flower of riches and honor, the peony is regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage. While misfortune is frequently associated with the number thirteen, there's nothing unlucky about a chrysanthemum fresh floral arrangement that represents this wedding anniversary.

Long associated with abundance and loveliness, the chrysanthemum is also a symbol for fidelity. A pink orchid conveys pure affection. The popular cattelya orchid represents mature charm. With a universal message of love, beauty, wisdom and thoughtfulness, the graceful orchid symbolizes affection and understanding.

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One of the earliest flowers known to man, roses symbolize love, magic, hope and passion. It's said Cleopatra scattered rose petals before Mark Antony's feet representing ultimate beauty and perfection. Exquisite and radiant, they are the quintessential messengers of love. Believed to have magical properties, the aster is said to be a talisman of love. Symbolizing patience and elegance, the star-like bloom represents a combination of gained wisdom and good fortune. Combining many of the best characteristics of a long, happy marriage — faith, hope, wisdom, valor and promise — the iris is also the emblem of France, one of the most romantic countries in the world.

The majestic status of 30 years of marriage isn't lost on this anniversary's flower.

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In addition to symbolizing magnificence, the sweetly fragrant lily, with its star-shaped bloom, represents devotion, pride and beauty — further testaments to such a significant milestone. Derived from the Latin word gladius, meaning "sword," for the shape of its leaves, the gladiolus signifies remembrance — fitting for an anniversary with so many years to recall. Also expressing vibrancy and infatuation, this showy flower tells the recipient that he or she "pierces the heart. It's not surprising that the wedding anniversary that celebrates a half century of marriage should have two flowers to represent its significance.

Yellow roses have long been known as the traditional gift for this anniversary. With their sun-kissed color, lush blossoms and subtle fragrance, they represent the inner light and beauty of a long, prosperous marriage. With yellow roses, violets share the spotlight in commemorating this important occasion.

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You can click their name to adopt them online. Whichever manatee you choose, adopting one helps them all! ANNIE was rescued as an orphaned calf and was released in She is not shy and is quite popular with park visitors. Annie has been known to visit Blue Spring State Park in the winter. She is identified by the scars on her left shoulder and has had two known calves.

Learn more about outreach in Alabama. Betsy the manatee is very friendly and curious and is quick to investigate anything new. He weighs in at almost 1, pounds and has been a regular winter visitor since This rare manatee sighting created quite a stir. Chessie has been known to travel along the east coast of Florida and the southeastern coast of the U. He is an adult male, nearly 10 feet in length. Doc is one of the few manatees frequently spotted in the spring in the summer.

She has been known to get into her fair share of mischief! Please Note: Elaine has not been sighted since But in spite of her size, park staff say that Electra is spunky and likes to follow her own path. ELSIE is easily identified because her tail is badly mutilated from an encounter with a boat propeller. She has been seen in the Tampa Bay area and has had at least two calves.

Once, Elsie was documented traveling a distance of about miles in about 23 days. Please Note: Elsie has not been sighted since She is named Flicker because she has a series of small propeller scars that reminded researchers of flickering flames.

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He has been spotted on the webcam chasing and playing with an alligator at the park. She was a wonderful and caring mother for her own calves and also for orphans in need of care. Ginger has two known calves. One of them is named Ale! After being released, she is often seen at the FPL Riviera Beach power plant in the winter and along the east coast of south Florida.

He spent some time in rehabilitation and was released later that year.

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She has returned each year since and has at least ten calves. She was the first manatee born and raised in captivity in Florida and was mother to three calves. Lorelei passed away peacefully on April 23, Lucille had her first calf at an early age and, in , she became a grandmother. Lucille regularly winters at Blue Spring State Park. She brought him to Blue Spring State Park on November 24, , and he has returned every winter since that time.

He can be identified by a number of scars from boat hits and a missing flipper. An adult male, Merlin is over 10 feet in length. Millie has had several calves and is also a grandmother! She has had two calves. He also seems to love canoes and follows the research canoe everywhere! In , Phyllis gave birth to twins — a rare event for manatees.

She is now the mother of several calves and a regular winter visitor to Blue Spring State Park. Robin winters at Blue Spring State Park and is one of the few manatees who has a recorded birth date because his mother was being monitored by researchers when he was born. Rosie was known for being gentle, kind, and maternal. She is the youngest manatee in the adoption program.

Please note that Squeaky is currently unavailable for new membership adoptions. Unlike most manatees, Squeaky did not have significant scars when she joined the adoption program, which makes it difficult to identify her and report on her activity. Current adoptive parents of Squeaky may continue to renew her adoption or may choose a new manatee when they renew their membership.