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Looking for an exciting, daring adventure? Our trek up to Angels Landing offers breathtaking views with dizzying drop-offs. Follow a narrow, exposed fin of rock to the top, where you'll enjoy lunch and panoramic views of the surrounding desert landscape. This precarious yet fulfilling hike is not for the faint of heart!

The trail weaves through red Navajo sandstone into Echo Canyon, an awe-inspiring gorge.

Beyond Echo Canyon, take in fantastic drop-offs and breathtaking views of Zion Canyon that seem to go on for days. Experience everything that has made Zion National Park so special across many generations and cultures. On our Zion in a Day Tour, you'll marvel at the canyon's diverse splendor on multiple short hikes. You'll have the opportunity to dip your toes into the famous Zion Narrows and touch the park's iconic Navajo sandstone.

As you continue the journey, learn about Zion's geological and historical wonders from your expert guide.

Our experienced guides will maximize the value of your time with in-depth knowledge about the park's natural and cultural history. At Wildland Trekking, we'll coordinate all logistics and provide gear, trail snacks and a gourmet lunch. Enjoy hiking as a small group with a maximum of 12 guests for a personalized Zion experience. Why do more than 10, people join our tours every year? Here are a few reasons: No experience necessary: Come as you are.

No knowledge or special gear is needed to have an unforgettable day on the trails. The best gear: Each guest receives a top-shelf backpack and use of trekking poles. Check out our Zion hiking tours and Zion National Park day hikes by contacting our team seven days a week to book your hike! Unforgettable Hiking Vacations. Why Wildland Trekking? USA Destinations. North Carolina. Global Destinations. European Alps. New Zealand.

The water gets deeper, obstacles become more numerous, and hiking speeds tend to slow down here. This is where you will hike through Wall Street, the iconic section featuring tall canyon walls and narrow passageways. Miles At mile The canyon widens a bit and hiking gets easier again. This is another gorgeous section of the hike. Mile 15 — At mile 15, your feet hit dry ground again.

As much as we loved the hike, it really felt good to get out of the river. Pro Travel Tip: Have a dry set of clothing and shoes in your car.

Alerts In Effect

It was wonderful to finally remove our wet neoprene socks and boots. Do you want to see more photos of the hike? This is not to be underestimated. With factors like flow rates, water temperature, and weather conditions, no two experiences are the same. We hiked the Zion Narrows on October Here are some stats about the conditions on the day we hiked the Narrows.

We had perfect conditions. For it being so late in the year, we really got lucky and had a warmer than average day. Temperatures in the Narrows can be 10 to 20 degrees cooler than the temperatures in Springdale.

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We started off feeling cold but quickly warmed up once we got moving. We had lots of gear to keep us warm and dry and just as long as we kept moving, we stayed warm. The hardest part of this hike, at least for us, was walking on the slippery, uneven ground of the river. You will spend a lot of energy trying to keep your balance and pushing through the river.

And if you do this when flow rates are higher over 70 cfs it will be even more challenging. If you want to hike the Narrows as a day hike from the top-down, you need to be prepared for a long, tiring day. When choosing your hiking date, you need to consider possible weather conditions, how many hours of daylight you will have, and the hours of operation of the Zion Shuttle.

It felt a little bit like a race, but we thrive on that kind of challenge. If you are hiking from the top-down in one day, you need to be a very fit and fast hiker. This is not a hike to take lightly.

The Narrows - Zion National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

We had 11 hours to do a hike that takes most people 12 hours to do. Plus, if we were out past pm, we would end up hiking in the dark. We had to be fast, or else we risked a long, extra walk to the Zion Lodge or Visitor Center in the dark. Before doing this hike, we were doing long runs of 10 miles with several shorter runs during the week. We also swim, bike, and weight train several days a week.

Our training paid off and we completed the hike in 9 hours, so we had plenty of time to spare. Even with our training, the last few miles were tiring, but the hardest part was walking on uneven ground for so long. If you plan to hike the Narrows top-down as a day hike, you need to be in great physical shape. You should be able to walk 10 miles while wearing a backpack without much difficulty. Spring: The Narrows is usually closed from mid-March to mid-May when flow rates are high from snowmelt and spring run-off.

This does vary year to year depending on weather conditions. The National Park Service will not issue permits if the flow rate is over cfs. Summer: This is a great time to hike the Narrows. Air and water temperatures are warm, the days are long, and shuttle service runs until roughly 9 pm at night, giving you plenty of time to hike from the top-down as a day hike. This is the most crowded time of year so expect to share the Narrows with lots of hikers between Big Springs and the Riverside Walk. This is also the hardest time to get a permit. Flash floods are possible this time of year.

Fall: This is a spectacular time to hike the Narrows. Crowds are thinning, the leaves start to change colors, and in early fall the weather is very pleasant. As it gets later into the season, you lose precious hours of daylight and the temperatures can really cool off. The Zion Shuttle schedule can also have a big impact on your experience.

The Narrows

September 29, , will be the last day the shuttle makes its pm pick-up from the Temple of Sinawava. On September 30, the last pick-up time of the day is pm, cutting your hiking time short by a massive 2 hours.

endzeit-europa.de/logs/plymouth/1201-translate-kennenlernen.php What happens if you miss the last shuttle of the day? You will have to walk an additional 4 miles to the Zion Lodge and try to persuade someone to give you a ride to the Visitor Center. Winter: It is possible to hike from the bottom-up during the winter months, but you need to be prepared for cold temperatures and limited daylight. The Zion Shuttle does not run during the winter months, except for select days.

In my opinion, September and October are the best months to hike the Zion Narrows. October is a gorgeous time to hike the Narrows. The later you get in the month, the better the fall colors will be and you will share the canyon with just a few other people.

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But you also have to take into account shorter days, colder temperatures, and the reduced Zion shuttle schedule. We got ahead of them and we did not see another person until Big Springs, 10 miles later. In order to hike from the top-down, you must have a permit. You can make your reservations three months in advance on the National Park Service website. Permit reservations become available on the fifth day of the month at 10 am MST. Here are the dates to make your reservation:. We originally reserved permits for September but medical issues changed our plans which is why we hiked the Narrows in October.

On July 5, when the permits became available for September, Tim and I just happened to be rock climbing Svolvaergeita in Norway. While waiting my turn to climb, I made our Zion permit reservation. Let me tell you, they get snatched up fast!

Zion National Park - Angels Landing hike - The best view!!

I got on just a few minutes past 10 am MST and was a bit surprised to see that about half of the permits were already reserved. Pro Travel Tip: Mark the date and the time on your calendar and be ready to make your reservation right at 10 am MST, especially if you plan to hike from May through September. Getting a permit is easier in October. At the end of October, there were plenty of permits that never got reserved. This is a hike that is becoming more and more popular and those October dates could start selling out in advance. To make your reservation, visit the National Park Service website.