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I thought some may want to know who I am and my point of view. Every Christian is the product of their life experiences and God's intervention in their lives. Christ literally indwells our spirit cf. See more. Jerusalem 'Temple Institute' News:. Questions or Comment? You can make comments or ask questions using this form. I welcome your questions and comments for discussion but … I will not engage in arguments with anyone.

We can always agree to disagree. Best of ArtLicursi.

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Key Verses for Grace-Believers Today. Under Grace and Free from The Law. Does The Bible Contain Contradictions? Forgiven of ALL Sins. Why Is Human Life Temporary? Living Christ Spontaneously. Tithing or Giving? Real Salvation - What is it? Three Resurrections. About Me As you read through the various Articles and Study Series I've posted in this website, you will note that the topic of my writing always concerns Christ and our living relationship with Him.

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Guest authored by Shawn Brasseaux. Living By "God's Unspoken Yes". I'm writing pragmatically in this paper concerning what I call "God's Unspoken Yes. Every person will Does God Create Evil? We could then say the reliability of Religious Bondage. We need more people to understand the actual definition of religion and the ultimate meaning of the word religion.

The word religion comes from the Guest authored by Justin Johnson. There are two ways to buy a house: make a promise to pay in the future via a mortgage, or pay it all up front. If you make a promise to pay, the Forgiveness Under Grace Today.

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But, is Another Gospel. The Resurrected Body. Guest authored by Paul Sadler, Pastor. After the Apostle Paul addressed our heavenly citizenship in Philippians, and how we are to be looking for the Lord's return, he made an interesting Recent Series What Happens at Death? But again, there is no cruelty or ignorance involved here! When the Lord gives him the instruction, He also gives him the ability to follow it. Perhaps there has been some doubt in the minds of some in the room. There was, to be sure, plenty of doubt in the minds of those who have just been escorted from the room.

In like manner, when our Lord has set His love on a sinner and He calls him from death, there is no doubt that His call will prove effectual in bringing him to life. His command is assuredly going to effect change! We are dead and unable to help ourselves until God calls us, transforms our hearts, and gives us the ability to follow Him.

A man is scheduled to be a guest preacher at a local church. However, when the time comes for him to preach, he is nowhere to be found, and no one is able to contact him. Finally, after many in the congregation have already left, he arrives at the church, his suit neatly pressed and his hair well kempt.

You were supposed to be here more than an hour ago! On my way here, my car had a flat tire. As I was changing the tire, a lug nut slipped from my hand and rolled into the middle of the highway. Without thinking, I chased after it and then looked up to see a semi-truck going at least a hundred miles per hour barreling toward me. It is entirely unbelievable that a man could encounter a force as great as a speeding semi-truck and be completely unchanged by it. To a much greater degree, how unthinkable it is to hold that one could encounter the all-powerful God and be completely unchanged by Him!

It is ridiculous to assert that one could experience inward transformation by the gospel of Jesus Christ and yet not see that transformation reflected in his day-to-day life. Fallen man in an unconverted state simply loves sin. The way he thinks, the way he feels, the things he wants, the things he does—all of him is bent toward sin and away from God. But the gospel turns this on its head, as our former way of living is put to death; we begin to hate sin and to seek to glorify God and live in light of eternity.

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The presence of sin, no doubt, is not totally eradicated this side of glory; but its power is well and truly broken! These two transformations always go hand in hand. They are connected—like two sides of the same coin, as it were. You will never find a man who has been made new in Christ heart change yet shows no evidence of this in his daily walk life change.

Our spiritual ears are closed, unable to understand reality or discern truth from falsehood. Our spiritual tongues are stuck, unable to praise God or give Him the glory He deserves. This sad state naturally leads to an improper way of thinking—a bad worldview. The logic and reason we use is twisted and broken. We begin to be able to understand and apply truth and to discern lies and unbiblical ideas. We begin to be able truly to praise God for all that He is and all that He does.

And this correction of our perceptions leads to an increasingly more biblical way of thinking. We begin to be able to love God with our minds. He wants whatever he believes will make him happy, whatever will satisfy him—whether wealth, fame, power, acceptance, pleasure, glory, reverence, accolades, or the like. It is his affection for God and his desire to glorify Him that motivates his daily life. The things which he once loved to do he now loathes, and the things that once were drudgery or folly to him are now his delight.

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It is this outward transformation that often seems most extraordinary and can cause the most doubtful of skeptics to wonder at this display of gospel power. Even still, this goodness was motivated by his love for himself, which would have been easily revealed if one could have examined his inner attitude. In such a case, the outward transformation may appear more subtle, but the inward change is just as remarkable. No longer does he walk in a faux obedience because he feels that he must or because it behooves him; now he walks in true obedience because his newly altered perceptions, thoughts, affections, and desires have influenced his attitude.

Before we move on, we should note that this life transformation is an ongoing process for the believer. The more he understands and applies the gospel, the more he will be transformed into the likeness of Christ, who is lovingly and steadfastly molding and perfecting him until His return Philippians All things are possible for You; remove this cup from Me; yet not what I will, but what You will. He is a rebel against God, and he refuses to submit to His rightful authority. Furthermore, he is unable to move himself to a better status, to gain a better standing before God, for he is enslaved by his own sin. His is a situation truly worthy of despair.

What an amazing inspiration for joy and peace this is for the believer!

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There are at least three parts to this transformation. This is a transformation from slave of sin to bondservant of Christ. The unconverted sinner is sin's slave and apart from divine intervention is content in service to this cruel and loveless master, for he is interested only in fulfilling his own desires. The saint, however, has been transferred into the service of a perfect Master, one who is kind and merciful. His purpose, goal, and joy now is gratefully to serve his Savior.

It is in bondage to this Master that man finds true freedom. This is a transformation from outcast to citizen. He is also unworthy of any kindness from God or access to His blessings.