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Log in. Sign up. Subscribe to this podcast. It is the third book in The Emperor's Edge series. Deadly Games Chapter After escaping the lake and thwarting the kidnappers, Basilard heads off for a dinner hosted for the victorious athletes. Chapter Amaranthe and the others fight their way to the ballast tanks, hoping to force the laboratory to the surface. Chapter With the help of an escaped athlete, the team fights its way inside to search for their comrades. Unfortunately, the marine ship above has decided to drop explosives to destroy the laboratory.

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Chapter Basilard and Sicarius attempt an escape, but soldiers and wizards defending the laboratory rally to hunt them down. Chapter After the team realizes the kidnappers and victims are housed in a submergible laboratory at the bottom of the lake, they must figured out how to access it. To make matters worse, a fearsome underwater predator is guarding the structure. Chapter Basilard is strapped down on a laboratory table next to Sicarius and the missing athletes.

Too bad Sicarius is drugged and unconscious.

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Looks like the team is finally making headway in getting into the Empoor good books, although their task is far from complete. H Lenore reviewed on on Jan. Great book, can't wait for the next one. Hopefully it will be longer! I really enjoyed the books but they were over much too soon. Thanks for writing an awesome book Lindsay!

LisaMH reviewed on on Jan.

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Great book to continue the series, though I missed Sicarius during the middle of the book, but the ending somewhat made up for his disappearance! I have to say that some of the plot twists seemed a little convoluted and left me a bit confused, but the character development compensated. Perhaps it'll take more than one very speedy reading of it to get some of the layers: I was too busy wanting to know how things were going to progress between Amaranthe and Sicarius!

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  3. Deadly Games: The Emperor's Edge, Book 3 (Unabridged).
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  6. I love love love this series. I love how Amaranthe can talk people into doing whatever she wants, I love how Sicarius is gradually developing a sense of humor, I love how Amaranthe has whole conversations with Sicarius with his only involvement being the twitch of the brow. I love the pace of the series, Lindasy Buroker times the progression of the relationship perfectly with a little more in each book.

    And just as I was wondering what was going on with Sespian - there he is at the end of the book. I can't wait for the next instalment. Kelly Christensen reviewed on on Dec. I loved this book! The series is completely amazing!

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    I'm anxiously waiting for the next book Claire Rooney reviewed on on Dec. I'm not sure I can accurately describe how much I love this series.

    Deadly Games: Book 3 In The Emperor's Edge Series podcast

    Lindsay Buroker nails it again in the third instalment. This edition is easily as cinematic as the previous two.

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    You could transcribe it word for word onto the big screen and hold me riveted. Funnily enough, the character that struck me as the most changed was Maldynado. He really has become a rather loyal fellow who looks out for I think he is acting more and more like her big brother albeit one that doesn't get possessive or expect her to be chaste - we can leave that to Sicarius. Akstyr worries me. He is useful, but I don't think he has formed the type of bonds for Amaranthe as the others have. She is the glue that holds them together, and he isn't quite as attached.

    I think when we get his point of view, we might see things differently, but I am expecting a surprise from him. Amaranthe continues to be a lady to admire. She doesn't have to resort to seduction or lies to convince people to join her cause. Her humanity and passion do that. But I see a few cracks of doubt appearing here and there, which should open some interesting discussions going forward. I'd actually like to see how Sicarius might deal with her moments of doubt. She's always kept such a positive face for him.

    Especially since he is depending on her planning to bring him Amaranthe humanises Sicarius. But then, she brings the best out in each member of that team. I'm glad Basilard did not go through with his plan. That epilogue was brilliant as was the scene preceding it, but I truly do not want to spoil it for everyone who SHOULD be reading this book. What a brilliant tease for the next chapter in this series, which I hope I won't hound the author for too much in the coming months. Bottom line: Awesome storytelling. Engaging and unique characters. Flawless eBook. On my top ten list of books I've read in which also includes the other two.

    Must read. Dreaming Robot Press reviewed on on Dec. Can't wait for the next one!