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The anti-diet movement has also reached the publishing world. They appear in promotional photos surrounded by doughnuts, or eating pasta and smiling. Yes, they want us to eat up, but also to eat it anyway , just eat it and eat everything … and stop worrying about it!

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I think these anti-diet books have something else in common, too. In their own way, each one promises to change your life for the better.

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All you need to do is listen to everything they tell you about how to eat. Anti-diet books are not really a new trend. Anti-diet writing may have a long legacy, but this is the first time that books seeking to dismantle diet culture have become a genre of their own, separate from feminism or food history. And thanks to the popularity of the body positivity movement and the associated wellness backlash, it seems to have resulted in a lucrative publishing opportunity.

Several of the anti-diet authors I spoke to were approached by publishers to write their books. There was a point where there were no clean eating books on the market and then the market was flooded. Eve Simmons, whose book Eat It Anyway was published in January to coincide with new-year-new-me diet season, also noticed a lack of books championing un-restrictive eating. Diet culture is bad for all of us. Any book that attempts to dismantle its key tropes by encouraging women to enjoy food can only be a good thing.

The issue comes when anti-diet messaging is co-opted by those who do not prioritise the radical feminist ideals that founded the movement. Other wellness influencers, including Joshua Wolrich, the Instagrammer formerly known as unfattening , have made similar pivots away from diet culture — whether for audience engagement reasons or because of a genuine change of heart.

Why do you feel that this is important? Why is this something that you care about? Especially people who are profiting off it. When your motivation for pushing anti-diet messages is tied to raising your Instagram profile or getting a book deal, can you really uproot a system as misogynistic and deeply ingrained as diet culture?

Thomas established the London Centre for Intuitive Eating, which offers training and treatment focused on intuitive eating, two years ago. This is a process that involves self-reflection and in some cases dedicated sessions with a mental health or eating disorder specialist — something she thinks is missed by many anti-diet influencers.

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Simmons has a bleaker view of the ways in which the anti-diet message can become distorted on social media. By the time The Fast Diet book hit the U. Tony Howell , which bans carbs except for fruits and vegetables two days a week.

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The books got me wondering: Could yo-yo dieting, fasting, and skipping meals actually work? If so, I wanted to keep up with the times—and if I could drop 5 pounds, all the better. Intermittent fasting is different than regular dieting.

Experts say evolution is why our metabolism hums along agreeably with short spurts of feast and famine. Millennia ago, we'd pick berries and greens for days before hunters finally hauled home a big, fat buffalo.

Diet Culture & Pizza

We'd feast until the meat was gone, then we'd forage again, relying on our fat storage for fuel. Given that our eat-whenever-we-want food environment is new in the grand scheme of history, our metabolism hasn't evolved to catch up. So if we return to the old way of eating, our bodies thrive and we can lose weight, says Valter Longo, Ph.

Fasting is hard, though. And in some sense, non-fast days are harder.

The Rebel Diet

Following the rules outlined in The Fast Diet , I eat yogurt and berries, an arugula salad, and a chicken drumstick on my first fast day. The next day, I stuff my face with cake and mac 'n' cheese and feel sick. Apparently, there's a thin line between yo-yo and intermittent dieting. It's called control—and I don't have it. When I e-mail Susan Roberts, Ph. But on the issue of recommended daily nutrients, she is less critical. So the good news is, if your meals are well-balanced when you do eat, you don't have to stress over a few missed vitamins when you don't.

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The bad news: You must be conscientious about what you eat on your non-fast days. It's no wonder, then, that after two weeks of very little good food and a lot of very bad food, I shed no weight.

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    By doing for a month—eating egg whites, smoked salmon, and "lots of cucumber" on fast days and healthy portions of salads, fruits, and protein on non-fast days—she's lost about 6 pounds.