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If you haven't read the fanfic, I would strongly recommend you begin on chapter 1, as the chapters build off of each other and it likely won't make sense if you read chapter 13 without reading the others. Just a brief note as well, this story is rated T, though there's nothing innapropriate beyond some minor mature language.

You can check out the full fanfic on Fanfiction. And hey, if you enjoy it, feel free to drop me a review on Fanfiction. I always love hearing what I'm doing well with and what I could improve upon for future chapters, so constructive feedback and comments are always nice! Hi everyone! Today, the very talented Tom Konkle has taken time out of his busy schedule to do an interview with ScoobySnax.

Konkle wrote several Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! I personally thought all of these episodes, particularly "Doo Not Disturb" which is my favorite of the show , were brilliantly written and Tom did a terrific job with all the episodes he wrote. In addition to being a writer, Tom also was a voice actor for one episode of the series, in "Giant Problems. Tom Konkle: I always enjoyed writing even as a kid. LOL I did a lot of scriptwriting starting in college because I wanted to learn to create the blueprint for some of the short films and sketch comedy I wanted to do then.

I would write material that I would perform particularly when I was doing sketch comedy much like John Cleese is said to do.

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I found out later I was doing that like the Pythons. I would write my own material and perform it to protect how it got executed. In that way I had a vision writing it I could execute. Also, like many film directors who also write like Christopher Nolan, I think in a very cinematic style as I am creating a script. I respect the written word and the structure as this is the blueprint for the work. I really applied this provider in my film noir feature Trouble Is My Business. Tom Konkle: I remember watching some of the episodes as a kid.

Tom Konkle: My dear friend Jon Colton Barry was a fan of both my writing and performing particularly my sketch work, but he knew I also valued story structure and I knew what it was like to do voice acting for cartoons. We really wanted to create a writers room together where we could cross pollinate ideas and make each other laugh and be inspired. We would talk about how the characters needed to act to be consistent, and what character development was needing to happen. I was always about writing from one big, hopefully intriguing or fun, idea and working backwards from that. I also like the execution of them both.

Tom Konkle: Definitely, Fred was a favorite because he was often the fool for the absurd. But Daphne had the widest arc of character possibility and had agency in the plots of the episodes. I also loved writing the villains. Tom Konkle: It was a challenge to honor it as it need be, while pushing it to be different but We wanted to reinvent and respect. That was the real challenge in that we made the show we wanted to see, with a lot of people looking over our shoulders.

Tom Konkle: Current shows?

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I have a lot of ideas for science fiction, adventure and film noir movies. I just wrote and directed a movie out now that is a s film noir called Trouble Is My Business.


Did you enjoy writing or voice acting more, and why? I love writing. I love voice acting. I love executing characters, creating voices and the idea of entertaining an audience with my voice work too.

Tom Konkle: Laughing in the room with Jon, then seeing the episode come together and enjoying all the parts from animation, music, performance and the director working to get us back to what we loved in the script, and improve upon it as well. Tom Konkle: Thank you! You can follow along with Tom's writing adventures on Twitter. Or as Velma says, "It tastes like gerbil The biggest worry for most people seemed to be the feminist undertones, but honestly, they were barely noticeable in the film.

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This was a really fun little movie and I'm so glad I gave it a chance. Before I get more into the review, I want to strongly recommend that those who have not seen the movie yet do not read this review, because there are spoilers ahead! The movie begins with Daphne discussing the possibility of aliens on her web show. Her online friend, Velma, is a supportive yet critical fan of Daphne's and challenges her findings, because "there's always a rational explanation. This scene is the one I had the most criticisms about. I would have liked to have seen Daphne and Velma becoming online friends, or at least interacting with each other a little more, before they immediately jumped to meeting each other in real life.

When you think about it, it's pretty extraordinary to have an online friendship so strong that you actually meet each other "IRL" as Daphne says! I've actually never met an online friend in person, and very few people online even know my real first name. It would have been nice to have some buildup to this, so the audience could be excited along with Daphne and Velma.

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Instead, the film rushes this scene and takes away from what could have been a really sweet and friendship-building event. Anyways, Velma seems a bit apprehensive about Daphne coming to her school, but Daphne doesn't seem to notice. She turns on her "pump up playlist" and goes down to eat her french toast breakfast, on her first day of high school. Daphne goes to school and sees Velma, but Velma doesn't even acknowledge her. Meanwhile, Daphne meets her senior advisor Carol, and is nearly hit in the face with an energy-ball of some sort. Carol shows Daphne around the school, and explains the "Bloom Bracket" to her.

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The Bloom Bracket gives all of the student rankings, taking into account academics, extracurricular involvement and even social media posts. As Spencer says, "it's like a GPA on steroids! Carol and Daphne run into Velma, who is still acting strangely and is not speaking to Daphne at all.

Daphne goes after Velma to talk to her, telling Carol she is Velma's friend, much to Carol's surprise because she does not believe Velma has any friends. Later that day, Velma runs into Daphne again, when the lights begin flickering and a ghastly noise is heard throughout the hallway. Velma lies to Daphne and says she is "going to the sports match Daphne and Velma see Spencer walking through a secret passage in the lockers, appearing to be in a zombified trance.

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Velma tries to leave again and repeats that she needs to get to that "sports classroom. All of a sudden, something runs into the two girls. Daphne sees it is her dad. Back at home, Daphne's dad confesses to her that he has been following her around everywhere all her life, and tries to make everything perfect for her.

It is revealed that Nedley actually controls every detail of Daphne's life including making her french toast even though he had made her eggs previously , throwing a button on the floor so Daphne wouldn't be hit by the energy-ball, being Daphne's "playlist controller" and playing her pump-up playlist, and even going so far as to dress up as a female lunch lady to serve her caviar in the lunch line.

In honesty, I genuinely felt sad for Daphne! It's crazy that her dad controlled her that much and did basically everything for her. However, it was very amusing watching him dance to Daphne's pump-up playlist lol. They could have easily just made up names, so I thought it was cool they stayed consistent with the rest of the franchise. It was wonderful that they made Daphne's parents an interracial couple. Not that it's a big deal or anything, but IMO, it's good to see increasing representation in the media that there are other types of families besides the nuclear, same-race family that we seem to glorify in the US.

The next morning, Daphne has a bad start to her first day on her own, realizing "the violin serenade every morning must have been my dad" when her alarm clock goes off Daphne goes to school in an all-purple outfit, because her dad was apparently also her clothes closet I'm confused though as to how, like was it a machine that he ran or was he actually picking out clothes for her every day?