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His wife was abused too. Nine Jesuit priests, volunteers and laypersons who served in St. Michael between and were later credibly accused of sexual abuse, the Diocese of Fairbanks has acknowledged. The church has apologized for the abuse.

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Some wounds are older than statehood. Michael and its next door neighbor Stebbins are among the 14 small Alaska city governments that the Anchorage Daily News and ProPublica identified last week as having hired police officers with extensive criminal records , at least in part because there are no state-funded law enforcement officers here. The U. Department of Justice recently labeled the lack of law enforcement in rural Alaska a federal emergency. Many of the children who lived in St.

Michael and Stebbins in the late s and s were sexually assaulted by Rev. Lundowski, who was the subject of more than reports of abuse, and Endal died before the lawsuits began; Smario denied abusing girls but admitted to being naked in front of them. It is unclear if Smario, who would be in his late 90s, is alive today. He could not be reached for comment.

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For the Lockwood brothers and many others in Stebbins and St. Michael, any expectation the Alaska criminal justice system will energetically investigate sexual assault or hold people accountable if they hurt children has been eroded by generations of neglect. It is hard to compare Alaska villages to anywhere else in the United States. Most villages can only be reached by plane or boat. There are few jobs. Hunting and fishing are not just hobbies but necessary to feed a family.

Cultures are rooted in a sense of place and community.

Combined, the villages of St. Michael and Stebbins are home to more than 1, people, including more than children, yet there is no state-funded village public safety officer or trooper in either community. In Stebbins, all seven of the city police officers working as of July 1 had been convicted of domestic violence , the Daily News and ProPublica reported. Eight miles of grassy tundra and wild iris separate St. Michael and Stebbins. In Stebbins, the Bering Sea shoreline is ruler straight, racks of drying salmon lining the shore. In St.

Michael, named for the archangel, the coast curves like a fiddlehead.

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Four-wheelers buzz constantly between the two. The victims of the clergy abuse are now elders and grandparents. But they never saw their abusers face criminal charges. This secret.

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Lawrence, who at 63 is no longer Catholic, hates the idea of any kind of sexual abuse continuing in Alaska villages today. His brother Chuck grapples with the same feelings. He now lives in Anchorage but visited family in St. Alaska State Troopers have not said how Chynelle died, but the bruises on her face and the missing chunk of her thick hair suggested to her family that someone might have killed her.

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On July 11, the family mourned the second anniversary of her death. Chuck said he has resisted the urge to take the law into his own hands. God will take care. The Anchorage Daily News and ProPublica are spending the year investigating sexual violence in urban and rural Alaska. Kyle Hopkins is special projects editor of the Anchorage Daily News. Contact him at khopkins adn. Subscribe Customer Service. All content.

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Alaska News Earthquake. Alaska Life We Alaskans. Alaska Marijuana News. Arts and Entertainment TV Listings. Opinions Editorials. The ship's captain was George Pollard, Jr. Worth, master. She returned on 5 August from the Pacific with barrels of sperm oil and barrels of whale oil. On the night of February 11, —while sailing west through the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands with another whaling ship, Martha — Two Brothers found herself in a storm.

The two ships became separated and Captain Pollard of Two Brothers was unclear as to his ship's position. Captain Pollard did not want to abandon ship but his crew pleaded with him and they clung to small boats through the night. The next morning, they were rescued by Martha. Thomas Nickerson , who served as boatsteerer on Two Brothers , wrote about the wreck.

Nickerson had also served with Pollard on the Essex and survived its sinking. The identity of the ship was not immediately known so it was called the "Shark Island Whaler"; the ship's identification as Two Brothers was announced by NOAA on February 11, , the th anniversary of her sinking. Some of the first artifacts found at the wreck site include two anchors, three try pots , bricks, and the remains of the ship's rigging.

Expeditions in and turned up more artifacts including blubber hooks, five harpoon tips, three whaling lances , four cast-iron cooking pots and ceramics and glass. The shipwreck site was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the whaling ship. For other uses, see Two Brothers disambiguation.