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But her daughter, Kelly, excitedly ran back inside and reported that an unconscious man was outside and the goats were eating his backpack and clothes! When Dyuvad opened his eyes, he recognized the rural farm setting as similar to what he had grown up with at home.

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He figured that was why they assigned this job to him so he could blend in. Will he be able to fend off an entire gang of thugs? And what about the family Dyuvad has bonded with — will he leave them when his job is completed and they are finally safe? And again, why was Tiny so important to the Net telepaths? I absolutely loved the chemistry between Rachel and Dyuvad as they teased each other and a beautiful relationship formed among each of his temporary family members.

He knew he would miss them when he had to leave. Before I had read even half of the book, I quickly purchased the rest of the series! This author is definitely great at what she does! High praises, and I unequivocally recommend this story! I voluntarily reviewed the book and my comments reflect my honest opinion. Oct 12, Marisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed. I would say this one is slightly lighter on the sexual content than some of the others, and a little more for setting up the foundation of the relationship.

Warning: Contains sexual content and some violence. Who should read it? Science fiction fans looking for a romantic twist! I do, however, think this one could be a bit confusing without the context of previous book. See all my reviews and more at www. Aug 22, Jenncw rated it liked it. Good story The characters are fun. I felt the colloquial speech was a little exaggerated, which was distracting. The secondary characters needed more fleshing out if they are going to be leads in future books. Jun 06, Barbara Wall rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: science fiction romance readers.

Shelves: alien-romance , science-fiction.

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Romantic suspense with human alien hunk and single mother goat farmer with two daughters and dangerous ex-husband. Moves very quickly. FYI, don't bother trying to pronounce the alien names, places and words, they are impossible and it doesn't change to the story. Aug 09, Rose Ann rated it really liked it Shelves: aliens , romance , sci-fi.

Enjoyed this one. Loved the relationship between Tiny, Kelly and Dyuvad.

Glad they got a 'second daddy'. Will continue reading series of only to find out why Tiny is so important. May 13, Susani rated it liked it Shelves: heroine-married-before , kindle-unlimited , sci-fi. Jan 14, Minx rated it liked it Shelves: read-in , romance , science-fiction , flights-of-fantasy I have enjoyed the Pruxnae series so far. I would give this book a 3. I was introduced to Dyuvad's character in book two of this series as he was stunned by his friend, but I didn't know it was Dyuvad until the start of this book.

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So, the mystery on a question that lingered from book two has been solved. The story between Rachel and Dyuvad was entertaining. I loved Rachel's inner monologues, hilarious! There was a mystery element as to why Dyuvad was I have enjoyed the Pruxnae series so far. There was a mystery element as to why Dyuvad was enlisted to protect Rachel's youngest child and it carried all the way through. The bad guys were bad but not villainous and I wish there was more of a cringe factor for them.

It would have been more exciting if they were aliens bent on stealing the child because of her unique abilities.

So yes, she was in danger but it was not the exciting kind. The romance was swoon worthy and there were sexy times. The ending was very satisfying and just a bit funny, ha ha.

What really took away the enjoyment factor for me was the voice of Rachel. It was a real southern country vernacular. That really detracted from the story for me BUT it is also a personal dislike and does not apply to everyone. Dec 17, Shannon Davison rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed reading this story. Rachel and her two girls have you giggling at times and Dyuvad just has you drooling. He's been sent to Earth to protect Rachel's youngest daughter but he ends up falling in love with Rachel in the process.

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I look forward to reading more soon. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. Oct 20, Tracy Ehlers rated it it was amazing. The next book in the pruxnae series. This one centres around not only the Main characters of Dyuvad and Rachel, but on Rachel's family including her two daughters..

No spoilers.. This instalment of the series was not as steamy oh there is still a level of sexual content just not as much as the previous books.. Another fantastic instalment to the series, the author has an amazing ability to paint a world alien or otherwise with wonderful details and captivating storyline.. I'm intrigued to see what happens with Tiny and her role in the bigger Pruxnae scheme of things..

I would recommend this Sci-Fi romance to all fans of the genre, if you haven't started the Pruxnae series, I would suggest you start at the beginning. Nov 01, Goddess of Chaos rated it really liked it. Dyuvad discovers a whole new world when he is charged with protecting Tiny The family dynamics of this story captivated me. The siblings trying to understand one another, and navigate their friendships, a mother's love, and a man coming to realize what having a child in his life could mean.

I haven't read the previous stories in this series, but felt this done in one story stood well on its own. I was gifted with a copy of this story, and switched to the Kindle Unlimited version when it was publish Dyuvad discovers a whole new world when he is charged with protecting Tiny The family dynamics of this story captivated me. I was gifted with a copy of this story, and switched to the Kindle Unlimited version when it was published. I enjoyed the characters a great deal, and was intrigued by what was shared of Dyuvad's culture in this story, I suspect that is further built up in other stories, and because of that I am tempted to look for the other books in this series.

I've read a few books where kids seemed to accidentally disappear at times, where as I was really impressed not only with what fun characters Kelly and Tiny were, but how they were always in a logical and story appropriate place. Oct 21, Linda Levine rated it it was amazing.

He is sent to Earth to protect a young girl but not given much more information. The family is facing a serious threat and he begins to really care for them all. Will he find love too?

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Rachel and Dyuvad make a very good couple. She has a tough set of circumstances and can certainly use some help to keep her kids safe. I really liked how the author developed the relationship. There are many surprises in the story which keep it interesting. I have not read the other books yet but was able to enjoy He is sent to Earth to protect a young girl but not given much more information. I have not read the other books yet but was able to enjoy the story. I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received. Oct 22, Rosa Maria Garcia rated it it was amazing. Awesome Series Wow this series only gets better and better!

Varna, is a very talented writer. The characters are awesome with a strong personality. This is a series that makes you smile and laugh out loud? Highly recommended and keep them coming. Oct 25, Valerie Jondahl rated it it was amazing. This is a new author for me. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more from her. There was a good mix of humor, action and romance.


I would have liked to learn more about why Tiny was so important. This review is my own opinion, voluntarily given. Nov 05, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: 0-kindle-unlimited , reviewed , stars-four Time well spent First book that I've read by this author. Characters caught and held my interest. Starting the next story immediately then going back for the earlier stories. Dawn rated it it was amazing Apr 25, Samantha rated it really liked it Nov 04, You will be able to unsubscribe at any time.

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